This community meets once a month to Celebrate Holy Mass in Holloway. These days are known as our community days.

In Faith We Grow is our moto. The 22 Uganda Martyrs form the corner stone of our community's foundation

UMCC in Brief


Last Sundays of the Month

Members of the UMCC Community meet; 


to celebrate Holy Mass

meet with other UMCC members

listen to guest speakers


St. Gabriel - Holloway


Event Days

Near St. Gabriels church is a large hall where members and guests of the UMCC meet and sit down to dinner, listen to lectures and other forms of entertainment.

Holy Mass is well attended and is the main activity. The social get-together, is aimed at strengthening the  UMCC bond. UMCC aims to promote the “home-away-from-home” concept. Guest speakers from different walks of life deliver presentations aimed to inform/educate members on various social aspects. This has been well received by the community.
The community that makes up the Uganda Martyrs Catholic Community was founded around 1993. Since then the Community has grown in numbers and engaged in Catholic functions in the United Kingdom. The Mission of the Community is to offer Ugandan Catholics living in the UK and the Republic of Ireland an opportunity to pray together in our indigenous languages, to socialise and help each other in finding solutions to problems. The Community is also running a non-violent campaign among youth.

Sister Organisations

St. Gabriel's Parish
Sacred Heart Parish
The Diocese of Westminster.
African Chaplaincy -
Okusinza mu Luganda Community

Youth Day

Married Couples Day

Martyrs Day


One Sunday in a Month

Each Sunday is different. Married Couples Day kicks off the UMCC Calendar in January, and is the second most popular Community Day. Youth Day  is gaining popularity. 3rd June is The Main Calendar day and this continues to be the most popular day. Attendance nearly doubles every year. We also have Guest Priests as Celebrants, and one of them, Father Musaala has a charismatic following and website.

Fr. Musaala



No Guns No Knives

O God, by whose providence the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church: Grant that we who remember before thee the blessed martyrs of Uganda, may, like them, be steadfast in our faith in Jesus Christ, to whom they gave obedience even unto death, and by their sacrifice brought forth a plentiful harvest; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end, Amen.
Namugongo Minor Basilica
The 22 Uganda Martyrs
To the Left are The 22 Uganda Martyrs, the core and foundation of the Uganda Martyrs Catholic Community in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. To the right is the Shrine built in their memory.
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